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the Best Snow Removal Equipment in MI

Stop Winter in its Tracks.

Plow with the Best Snow Removal Equipment in MI!

The harsh Michigan winter has met its match. Whether you're clearing your driveway at home or hitting the road on your commercial job, use the most dependable snow equipment in the industry. We offer powerful residential and commercial snow removal equipment, including snow blowers, throwers, and plow blades, from STIHL, Husqvarna, Kioti, Woods, and more.

Stop in before the first snowstorm for your equipment! If you already have yours, make sure it's ready this season with necessary tune-up or repair services from Wards Outdoor Equipment. Shop our online inventory or stop in today!

Snow Throwers

We carry premium snow throwers, single stage machines that pick up and throw snow in one movement. These are best-suited for agricultural and residential use.

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are two stage machines that tend to be more powerful than single stage machines. These are ideal for both residential and commercial use and offer top performance in the heaviest snowfalls.

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